BRUCE DUGGINSON as known by Nicko McBrain Jnr.

Bruce Dugginson is a fantastic character and an outstanding singer, on his own part, let alone being a staggeringly good Bruce Dickinson.
You can see it’s in his blood to be up there on stage singing.

I first met him at JB’s in Dudley back in June of 2007. It was only my 2nd gig with Hi-on and I could tell within 4 seconds we were going get on like a house on fire, you just seem to click with some people straight away. He is the prime example of thinking you have known someone your whole life but really its been 7 minutes.

He then opened his mouth (steady on) and started singing, I’ve never heard a voice so powerful in my life! It had my arse-cheeks juggling about on my seat! And this was without a mic mind you!!

Our Mr. Dugginson is such a brilliant person to have around, there’s not a bad word to say about him. He has that extremely rare virtue of making you feel great within seconds if your ever feeling a bit lethargic or down, just by saying one phrase or even just a noise sometimes! You have no idea how much it can pick you up when someone is there making you laugh so much it hurts! At the end of the day what we do is suppose to be fun and he makes it that and more.

He is a pleasure to be around and to know on and off the stage, I think there would be a hell of a lot more dull days if he wasn’t gracing us with his presence. No one has me in hysterics as much as him. I couldn’t bear to imagine a gig without him, not just because you can’t top his vocal ability, EVER, but he is just simply one of a kind.

He is basically living proof that there ARE decent people in this world. This band seems to fit so well gigging or not gigging, were all just very good mates and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Nicko McBrain Jnr.

Some words or phrases that may be said by Bruce Dugginson at a regular Hi-on Maiden outing/gig/social gathering........




And let there be many more………………………….


Date Of Birth:
12th December 1974

First Band:
X-ile - all original stuff with some covers thrown in. We used to do The Trooper actually, as well as some Queensryche and Metallica stuff.

Previous Bands:
Oh God, erm...right then, here we go: Valhalla, Cheese, Pazuzu, Teenage Kicks, most recently Brody (which was all our own stuff, Tool / Soundgarden sounding), really miss that band but hey-ho, another day...

Favourite Band (other than Maiden):
A few actually, U2, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell (what a voice!), Tool, Sigur list but a few!

Favourite Maiden Album:
Tough one that, they're all great in my book but if I had to choose it'd be a toss up between Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

First Maiden Gig:
Somewhere On Tour, 1986 - Bradford, St. Georges Hall - they didn't do any encores that night, as Steve's wife had gone into labour and he'd rushed off!! Ha ha, brilliant night!

Favourite Maiden Song To Play Live:
I would have to say Aces High - it's such a kick in the spuds when it's first up.

Best Hi-on Maiden Gig Memory:
Haha, Maidstone last week!

Worst Hi-on Maiden Gig Memory:
None as yet, fingers crossed I've been lucky so far.

Favourite Venue:
JB's so far.

Favourite Singer Other Than Bruce:
I'd have to say Chris Cornell.

Who Would Be In Your Dream Band:
Vocals- Bruce Dickinson / Robert Plant
Guitar - David Gilmour
Guitar - The Edge
Bass - Steve Harris
Drums - Stewart Copeland / John Bonham
Keyboards - Richard Clayderman!!! HAHA for f***'s sake!

Equipment List:

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